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Saleh and Al-Kazemi affirm that they use all the government’s capabilities to confront corruption and improve services

Today, Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, and a number of key issues were discussed during the meeting.

A statement of the Prime Minister’s Office, which was received by the {Euphrates News Agency}, stated that Saleh congratulated Al-Kazemi “on the completion of the ministerial cabinet, to implement his government program that was voted on by Parliament, and exerted utmost efforts to provide services to citizens.”

The Prime Ministers and the Republic discussed “the latest developments on the internal level, the economic and security conditions, and the steps to be taken in light of the challenges facing the country due to the Corona pandemic, and the deterioration of world oil prices.”

The statement pointed out that ” it was stressed that the government will employ all its capabilities in order to improve the reality service to citizens, and confront corruption and disclosure Mkamenh, and in order to achieve the aspirations of the citizens in achieving the desired reform in all aspects of the state”. Source