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An American senator confirms that the strategic dialogue will help Al-Kazemi with a very important file

Member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Congress, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, stressed the importance of the strategic dialogue with Iraq.

“The United States should use strategic dialogue as a new beginning to engage with the Iraqi government to create long-term stability in the country,” Murphy was quoted as saying by the American Foreign Policy magazine.

Murphy added, “The talks represent an opportunity to help the new Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in dealing with corruption and achieving prosperity for a nation torn by years of war.”

“These are lofty goals that require sustained diplomatic attention and American financial support, and at the same time they are critical to American national security and regional stability in the long run,” he said.

The Iraqi-American strategic dialogue was launched yesterday afternoon, Thursday, via video technology, and it was decided to hold the second round of it in Washington during the month of July.

The joint statement announced after the meeting that the United States of America will continue in the coming months to reduce the number of forces present in Iraq and dialogue with the Iraqi government on the status of the remaining forces.

The United States also confirmed, according to the statement, “that it does not seek to establish permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq.”

For his part, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi commented that “Iraq, the dialogue, has achieved a great Iraqi achievement calculated for the government, and we emphasized in it the principle of sovereignty and the interest of Iraq first, and we succeeded in achieving great results.”

He added in a press statement “was confirmed the US withdrawal from Iraq to all present and there are no rules , ” adding that “dialogue produced in recognition of the House ‘s decision to the US withdrawal, and there will be cooperation at the level of economic relations and other sectors” Source