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By numbers .. Parliamentary finance reveals borrowing lists … and gives Al-Kazemi 60 days to fix

The Parliamentary Millions Committee revealed, on Saturday, that it submitted three lists related to internal and external borrowing, while it announced that it would grant 60 days to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to present the economic reform project.

“The committee’s meeting with the Minister of Finance is a continuation of a series of meetings on the internal and external borrowing law and the economic reforms required by us and the government to reach an integrated economic project that is in parallel with the borrowing condition and is not entirely dependent on it to avoid a future crisis with the consequences The government has benefits. “

He added, “Therefore, the separation of the borrowing law from economic reform cannot in any way be accepted, and our acceptance of borrowing came as a result of a major crisis amid a lack of cash liquidity in the country.” He explained, “Even if we entered into it directly with real work, it would take months to show its returns on the state’s storage, and despite that We mentioned in a clear text within the borrowing law on the Council of Ministers the presentation of an integrated economic project within 60 days of the date of its vote.

“The committee went towards giving the government half of the borrowing amount, and stipulated that if it is committed to presenting the economic reform project within two months, we will complete it for the second half,” he said, noting that “the expected spending volume during the next seven months is 59 trillion dinars, including 2 trillion and 100 million dinars for investment projects.” And 57 trillion dinars for operating expenses, which include salaries, the ration card, the social protection network, medicines, health supplies, wheat, alum, electricity and gas, and the cost of producing local gas and oil.

He pointed out, “Preparing 3 lists of state needs according to priority, the regular list of which includes 127 trillion, and the second list includes 97 trillion dinars, then we prepared a priority list of priorities that included 659 trillion dinars, and all the state’s oil and non-oil revenues for the coming months are 17 trillion dinars,” noting that ” The current deficit in the state’s budget is estimated at 43 trillion dinars, 3 trillion dinars of which an internal debt can be deferred and 3 trillion that can be managed from the movement of banks, as we have an increase in the payment on {FMs} armament. If we return it, only 30 trillion dinars will be a real deficit in the budget And therefore, the continuation of external borrowing will be according to conditions. “

He pointed out that “the reforms will include many of them collecting electricity, which is supposed to supply the sad state of 15 trillion dinars, and in fact the matter only reaches half a trillion dinars of the state’s treasury, as well as from customs, 10 trillion dinars,” stressing, “There is no intention of the committee to move towards deduction.” The salaries of employees and the law do not allow the government to work on this, “revealing” the numbers of 4 amendments to the tax law. “

And Jubouri said, “Electronic (automation) is the only solution to rid ourselves of customs corruption.”

Regarding deducting the salaries of Rafha, Al-Jubouri indicated that “the government relied on the decision of the State Shura Council, which specified the detainees of Rafha that they are not among the prisoners or martyrs, and would not need a vote by the House of Representatives. For the employees of the oppressive apparatus in the defunct regime, 20 thousand people are officially affiliated, and the share of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget includes the salaries of employees and the martyrs of Halabja and Anfal.

He noted that “the tools of financial and economic reform must be kept outside partisan domination, and the rule of law must be applied to all border outlets, including Kurdistan, and he must develop a federal law to implement the conditions of reform,” suggesting “the need for Kurdistan, its financial situation, and its great embarrassment in front of its employees, will push it to adhere to this agreement.” .

“When the Council of Ministers approved Resolution 315, financial liquidity should have been found, and many ministries turned the procedure into contracts without changing the salary rate due to lack of liquidity, and the decisions issued to convert the procedure into contracts that lacked money and now the Ministry of Finance has formed a committee to discuss the topic of the daily procedure,” he added.

He stated that “the debts resulting from mobile phone companies are one trillion and 9 billion dinars, or about 850 million dollars, part of which has been paid, and we have imposed a penalty in the event of non-payment of debts that includes extinguishing the spectrum on companies, but it will return harm to the citizen first,” noting that ” The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, if he intervenes himself, will return all the money. “

Commenting on supplying the budget by recovering frozen and smuggled funds, Al-Jubouri explained, “The law of recovering state funds is not encouraging and most of the funds frozen under fake names and Iraq spends millions of dollars to recover the funds of the previous regime and did not earn anything, and the smuggled money cannot be recovered with the entire corrupt political system.”

The AZAD “Unified Retirement Law has not been studied completely so far, there are different options regarding who have been referred to recently retired, all of which would be sent to the prime minister to demonstrate their opinion explicitly and clearly,” asserting that ” the government ‘s borrowing from banks and did not take the pension fund” Source