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Urgent A high-ranking delegation from the region will visit Baghdad tomorrow .. and Barzani: We are ready for a radical solution and a comprehensive agreement

A “high” delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad, on Tuesday.

Today, Monday, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masroor Barzani, supervised a special meeting on the talks with the federal government, with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, through a videoconference system (video conferencing) system.

A statement of the region’s government stated, “The Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it.” In the meeting in which members of the negotiating delegation participated, discussions were held on the latest results of the talks and ways to resolve the outstanding problems with the federal government under the constitution, with the aim of reaching an agreement that guarantees securing constitutional rights and entitlements to the Kurdistan region.”

Barzani said during the meeting: “We are ready to radically solve all problems with Baghdad, fulfill our obligations in exchange for securing our constitutional rights and entitlements, and reach a comprehensive agreement that satisfies both parties and defines the rights and obligations of each of them.”

He pointed out that “resolving the problems between the two sides is in the interest of all Iraqi citizens, which is an important factor for stabilizing the region.”

It was decided in the meeting, according to the statement, “to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad headed by Deputy Prime Minister {Qubad Talabani} tomorrow, Tuesday. Source