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Al Furat News reveals Al-Kazemi’s changes to senior positions

According to preliminary news and information, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi issued a series of orders and appointments to high positions in the country.

It was reported that Kazemi ” was appointed {Iyad Mahmoud} director general of the board of public pension, and {Nael Saad Abdul Hadi} Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, and {spokesman Ali} Director of the Rasheed Bank and {Haider Shammari} President of the Court of Waqf Shiite.

As indicated news Until the changes will affect senior security positions, but there is a wait to make them and the names proposed to take over.

These changes come after Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced in his meeting with a group of media Thursday that “a group of measures will be taken in the near future to change some administrative sites in the state, and after that we will hear a campaign of mutilation.” the government, because there are those who will be affected by these changes.” Source