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Tomorrow .. Al-Kazemi to Iran and {Al Furat News} reveal the names of the accompanying delegation

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will leave tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, for the Iranian capital, Tehran, on an official visit.

An official source told the agency {Euphrates News} that “Al-Kazemi will head a high-level delegation to Tehran tomorrow afternoon on an official visit during which he will meet with a number of senior officials in Tehran,” noting that “the visit will take two days.”

The agency (Al Furat News) obtained the names of the delegation accompanying Al-Kazemi, as follows:

Mustafa Al-Kazemi / Prime Minister

Ali Abdel Amir Allawi / Minister of Finance

Fouad Hussein / Foreign Minister

Khaled Battal Al-Najem / Minister of Planning

Juma Anad / Minister of Defense

Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar / Minister of Oil

Majid Mahdi Hantush / Minister of Electricity

Hamid Naeem Al-Ghazi / Secretary General of the Cabinet

Qasim Al-Araji / National Security Adviser

Salem Jawad Chalabi / Adviser to Prime Minister

Soha Dawood Al-Najjar / Adviser to Prime Minister

Hassanein Rashid Al-Sheikh / Director General of the Coordination and Protocol Department for Prime Minister

Faisal Al-Humsan / General Manager of the Iraqi Trade Bank.

In addition to a number of advisors and employees from his office. Source