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Plasschaert announces a forthcoming visit to Tehran, stressing the importance of continued stability in Iraq

The UN Secretary-General’s special envoy to Iraq, “Jenin Hennes Plasschaert”, announced that she will visit Tehran soon.

This came during the envoy’s talks with the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, Iraj Masjedi, at the embassy headquarters today, Thursday, where she confirmed her readiness to go to Iran soon.

In this meeting, the Masjids of Plasschaert reviewed the most important developments on the Iraqi arena, and Iran’s position in this regard, and the Iranian and international sides emphasized the importance of stability and security and the continuation of Iraq’s progress towards progress away from any tensions, given the important role it plays in political, security and economic issues. The area level.

According to the same report, the early parliamentary elections, the situation in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the results of the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister “Mustafa Al-Kazemi” during the past month to Iran, as well as the recent meeting between the United Nations envoy with Ayatollah Sistani, were the most important axes of the meeting between Ambassador Masjedi and the envoy of the Secretary-General. To the United Nations to Iraq today. Source