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In Iraq .. 3 files await the outcome of the US elections

Many around the world are awaiting the results of the US elections and what the victory of one of the candidates could reflect on the US foreign policies, and Iraq may be one of the most interested in what the ballot will leave.

As usual, two candidates will compete in the US elections scheduled for the third of next month, one of them affiliated with the Republican Party represented by the current President Donald Trump, and the other representing the Democratic Party, which is former Vice President Joe Biden.

It is known that both parties have different views on dealing with external and internal files alike.

What matters to the Iraqis, of course, is Washington’s foreign policy, and will Iraq be among the priorities of the United States during the next four years, or not?

The US presidential elections this year come in light of the escalating discussions about the fate of the US forces in Iraq, and the attempts of political forces to pressure towards the removal of all American soldiers from the country, in addition to the file of bombing operations against the US embassy in Baghdad with missiles from time to time.

Observers believe that it is known that the United States is a state of institutions, and its foreign policies do not necessarily change for the arrival of this or that candidate to the White House, but nonetheless others believe that some files may be subject to the president’s view sometimes.

Iyad Al-Anbar, a professor of political science at the University of Kufa, says that there are three important files for Iraq that could be affected by the arrival of Trump or Biden to the presidency of the United States.

The first is the file of the US military presence in Iraq, the second is related to ISIS, and the third and last file, and perhaps the most important, is the US-Iranian conflict in the region.

On the level of the American forces, Amber believes that both candidates view this file roughly the same way, as they “believe that any complete withdrawal of the American army from the country is not possible at this time for several considerations.”

Al-Ambar added that the US withdrawal file is linked to the other files related to Iraq, as it may weaken the war waged by the international coalition against ISIS, and thus increase the possibility of losing the momentum of the victories achieved against the terrorist organization in Iraq and the region.

There are about three thousand American soldiers in Iraq, and discussions are currently taking place between Baghdad and Washington in order to organize this presence in the future.

On the other hand, the political science professor believes that “Biden will be completely different from Trump in this regard, as he prefers diplomatic options in order to deal with Iran, and may also press toward his old project of transforming Iraq into three federal regions.” Source