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Minister of Planning: We will start implementing the Iraqi-Chinese agreement in the next two days

The Minister of Planning, Najm Battal, announced that the government will start in the next two days the implementation of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement.

“The Iraqi-Chinese agreement was delayed due to the events of the Corona virus, but it did not stop, and the talks moved from discussions to implementation, and we will soon announce the start of implementation with it,” Battal said in a press statement.

He added, “We will announce some of the agreement’s programs during the next two days and the steps to activate them, which began with the era of the government of Haider al-Abadi and were completed by the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, and today it is in the process of implementation,” noting that “the agreement with China will start with building schools and have utmost importance, housing, infrastructure, roads and education.”

Battal denied “the existence of an Iraqi-Egyptian agreement, which is not a substitute for the Chinese agreement,” affirming that “the work of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council will continue.”

“We have hundreds of projects that are stalled, and some of their value is equal to zero due to their stoppage, and we are looking for resources to complete them in the form of an investment, loan or” disclosure “grant. We have 6225 projects that require completion of up to 140 billion dollars, some of them are out of service and others have been liquidated.”

He stressed that “Project number one {schools} was spent 60% of the funds and 80% of the funds were not completed, and the current government is working on solving problems. A current committee was formed to build a thousand schools and the other file was hospitals, and we treated 24 hospitals in this government that were suspended.”

The Minister of Planning said, ”Battal pointed out that “the contractors’ debts owed by the government amount to 2 trillion and 980 billion dinars,” noting that “some contractors have committed suicide and some are in prison.”

He continued, “We have taken a decision on foreign employment, and the Iraqis have risen 80%,” noting that “the number of foreign workers has exceeded one million workers, and there are others who are not officially registered.” Source