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Al-Kaabi: Parliament will vote on Thursday on the borrowing law and the launch of salaries on the same day

The head of the Badr Parliamentary Bloc, Hassan Shaker Al-Kaabi, announced that the House of Representatives will vote on the borrowing law next Thursday, while he confirmed the distribution of salaries on the same day of the vote.

Al-Kaabi said {to Euphrates News} that “Parliament will vote on the borrowing law next Thursday, and the salaries of employees will be released on the same day,” stressing “the need to find immediate and quick solutions, especially in the issue of salaries, and that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will not persuade the Iraqi people on the pretext of receiving their legacy.” Heavy “.

He added that “the borrowing law includes unclear matters such as a trillion and a half trillion dinars for emergency purposes, as Al-Kazemi demanded with the exception of the second and third paragraphs and their blurring with the fourth paragraph of the law, which includes keeping loans open and others, so Parliament stressed that the loan should be directed to salaries only.”

Regarding the move to dismiss the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, Al-Kaabi explained, “This move is not born today, and it is a struggle within the Sunni component,” denying “the support for the dismissal by the Al-Fateh Alliance and the Badr bloc, nor a special agreement on the matter.”

Commenting on the Shiite trend to dismiss Al-Kazemi, Al-Kaabi said, “Early elections need security and political stability, so how do we go towards changing the prime minister?”, Stressing that “the Shiite blocs are far from thinking about this issue at the present time, and there is no direction for the Shiite component to replace.” Al-Kazemi. ”

He continued, “So far, some Sunni blocs are seeking to dismiss Al-Halbousi, but they have not received two reassurances until the moment, and he ruled out that the preachers get half plus one.”

Al-Kaabi also stated, “The change in the election law came after the calls of the masses and the religious reference, but keeping the previous electronic card will keep fraud persistent. As for dividing electoral districts into 82 districts in Iraq, it allows many young people the freedom to run, and the biometric system will reduce fraud.” The importance of broad participation. ”

At the conclusion of the statement, the head of the Badr Parliamentary Bloc indicated that “the next change is in the hands of the street, which is responsible for changing the political map,” ruling out “holding the elections on the specified date {6 June 2021}, after the parliament’s mistake in dismissing the directors of the technical departments of the High Electoral Commission.” Source