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Trump is “optimistic” about resolving the Gulf crisis, after his contact with the Saudi king

The White House announced in a statement today, Thursday, that US President Donald Trump discussed by phone with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, regional security issues and the solution to the Gulf crisis.

The statement indicated, “Trump thanked King Salman for his leadership and expressed his optimism towards resolving the crisis between the Gulf states.”

Informed sources reported, earlier this month, that the annual summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council was postponed to January, at a time when parties to a bitter dispute, which led to a boycott of Qatar, are working in order to announce a concrete agreement.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, in addition to Egypt, accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism, and Doha denies the accusations and says the boycott aims to undermine its sovereignty.

There are 13 demands from Doha, ranging from closing Al Jazeera and a Turkish base, to cutting ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and downgrading ties with Iran.

The dispute, which prompted Saudi Arabia and its allies to cut diplomatic and trade and travel links with Qatar in mid-2017, witnessed a move with Riyadh’s announcement earlier this month that a final solution was within reach. Source