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Al-Kazemi’s spokesman announces the arrival of the 2021 budget to Parliament … and the date of entry of the Corona vaccine

The government’s goal in the white paper is economic reform

We started by remedying the previous economic legacy and implemented the White Paper in the 2021 budget

The Minister of Health presented a proposal regarding the emergence of a new strain of Corona

The Council of Ministers agreed to authorize the Director General of the General Company for Ports of Iraq the power to sign contracts with Daewoo to establish a project for the port of Faw

Fighting corruption An idea with a central structure in the government

The Anti-Corruption Committee revealed many facts and took them to integrity

The Council of Ministers decided not to hold Christmas celebrations in public places

The government is carrying out an historic responsibility, and that is to initiate reform

Iraq will witness the entry of the Corona vaccine in the first quarter of next year

The salaries of low-income employees did not touch much in the next year’s budget

The Cabinet approves the ownership of industrial projects by the Ministry of Finance

The Cabinet authorizes the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority to sign a memorandum of understanding for the rehabilitation of Mosul Airport

Al-Kazemi spokesman announces the arrival of the 2021 budget to the parliament

The lower income brackets will not affect their salaries, and the reduction is directed to those with higher grades. Source