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Al-Bakhati: Most of the budget chapters have been decided, and we are at the end of its draft

Representative of the Iraqi Alliance and the Parliamentary Services and Reconstruction Committee, Jassim Al-Bakhati to the Euphrates: The budget carries a set of problems and pitfalls, and the Parliamentary Finance Committee has been working to overcome them. We collided with a set of budget problems, including the failure to allocate job grades for the unemployed and graduates.

There are three partners in the budget: The government, the people, and the House of Representatives most of the budget doors We settled at the end of the draft budget law and will be presented to the House of Representatives. there are two teams Mtsaraan in the House of Representatives pass the budget on the objectors stop when the issue of the region ‘s repeated financial allocations that went by the government to the provinces was 2 trillion rose to 4 trillion dinars to each province.