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Basra Light crude oil touches $ 70 per barrel

The price of Basra Light crude rose today, Saturday, to approach $ 70 per barrel, and the price of Basra heavy crude also rose during its close on Friday.

Western economic media reported that Basra light oil to Asia rose to 69.75 dollars per barrel, an increase of 4.37% over last Thursday, while Basra heavy oil prices recorded 64.75 dollars per barrel, an increase of 4.76%.

Basrah Light Oil scored the highest prices compared to other OPEC oils, while Saudi Arabian Light Oil scored 66.64 dollars per barrel, and the Emirati Murban Mix scored 67.42 dollars per barrel, while the Algerian Mix Sahran scored 68.40 dollars per barrel, and the Nigerian Light Bonny Light reached 67.69 dollars.

Global oil prices rose on Friday, closing Brent crude at 69.54 dollars, and West Texas crude at 66.29 dollars.