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Source: Al-Zarfi plans to change the system of government work

A source close to the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, revealed today, Saturday, his intention to change the pattern of government performance prevailing in the country’s ministries and institutions.

The source pointed out to “Al-Ghad Press”, Al-Zorfi’s intention “to stop government support for the productive ministries and obligate them to pay water and electricity wages and any other services and treat them like the profitable companies responsible for securing logistical support on their own, and adopt a two-meal system instead of one meal, to raise the level and efficiency of production and get rid of Slack career and disguised unemployment.”

The source noted if his cabinet was passed to “his desire to link the ministries of Labor and Social Affairs and Trade directly to the Prime Minister in the context of his taking over the file to reduce the level of poverty in the country and support the needy families and address unemployment, in a clear reference to activating the work system of the ration card system and deliver it to those who really need it,” Besides controlling spending on the poor family within the Social Welfare Law.”

He continued, “His interest in moving the circulating cash block that is currently suspended due to the reluctance of citizens to deposit their money in banks because of their loss of confidence in government and private banks, as well as the approval of a new law regulating and moving the work of the banking sector in the country, as well as starting to prepare a feasibility study for the activity and productivity of each of the ministries Government, accompanied by the adoption of packages in project management in accordance with the principle of reward and punishment.”

The source also noted that “the advisory team of the Prime Minister-designate has completed the setting of specific specifications and conditions that must be met in each of the ministers who are nominated to share their portfolios in the upcoming booth, without disclosing those terms and conditions.” Source