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Urgent: America only extends for a month, excluding Iraq from sanctions against Iran

The United States has extended a 30-day exclusion period granted to Iraq from sanctions linked to dealing with Iran, which Baghdad relies on importing energy, officials said.

Washington has continued since November to extend the exception granted to Baghdad, to find an alternative to Iran, which supplies Iraq with chronic shortages, especially with the high temperatures that have now begun.

The United States decided in February to allow Iraq to continue importing gas and electricity from Iran. But the period of exemption has shrunk from 90 and 120 days, to 45 days, and now to only 30 until the end of April, according to Iraqi officials.

One of them, working for the President’s office, told France Press that this extension would be the “last” granted to Baghdad, which stands on the brink of an economic crisis with low oil prices, which could lead to the loss of 65 percent of its oil revenues, which constitute 90 percent of the state’s budget.

The United States granted Iraq exceptions provided that Baghdad takes measures to reduce its dependence on Iran, by re-operating electricity supply systems or by finding other suppliers.

A senior Iraqi official told France Press that since November “Baghdad has not met any condition.”

As a result, he added, the exception should have been canceled, but the granting of an American deadline is due to “the current circumstances,” meaning that Adnan al-Zarfi was tasked with forming a new government that Washington does not want to embarrass by not extending, especially in light of his lack of identification with the Shiite parties.

In the event that the exception is not extended, Iraq must stop importing gas and electricity from Tehran, or continue to deal with Tehran and face the possibility of US sanctions. Source