Iraq … Internal reform and regional integration

The new phase may be a turning point in the history of Iraq. Although the political process since 2003 has achieved achievements, especially at the level of democratic construction, the Iraqis have faced many challenges and risks, which have often resulted from structural imbalances in the government system. Internal conflicts fueled by corruption and regional and international tensions that have pushed Iraq from one serious crisis to another.

It is possible that this stage is the real beginning of the exit of Iraq from the spiral of its crises and thus contribute to overcome the entire region of its crises, and the road has become more clear to the Iraqis on the other bank, and is linked to internal entitlements and mutual external relations with brothers and neighbors and countries of the world, At the legislative and executive levels there is a clear vision of such benefits. Internally, the road map starts with real reforms that guarantee the re-strengthening of the contract and the restoration of trust between the citizen and the state through the provision of services and employment opportunities and the development of legal structures in the fight against corruption with force and firmness. An internal national dialogue to address the structural imbalances in the system of government and solve the problems accumulated between the Kurdistan region and the federal government.

Today, the population of Iraq is 38 million, with an annual increase of one million. These population increases come amidst a destructive service infrastructure and rampant unemployment, and the scene could worsen without comprehensive and radical economic reform.

But Iraq, on the other hand, has strong economic fundamentals that can be invested in a rational economic policy that moves the country from the struggling and unable to meet the needs of its citizens to a productive, productive and promising economy.

The achievement of community security and civil peace is linked to the comprehensive modernization of economic structures, the promotion of investment, the provision of employment opportunities, the promotion of national industries, the promotion of agricultural production and the support of major urban projects, together with the promotion of small and medium enterprises.

The Iraqi state has succeeded in its regional and international cooperation in defeating the “da’ash”. It has been able to do so as a result of the unity and solidarity of its people, and its rejection of differences and standing as an advocate of its cities, destiny and national belonging.

Iraq has paid great price for its fight against terrorism, and while it extends its thanks and appreciation to all the regional and international parties that supported it and are still in that fateful battle, the benefits of rooting out terrorism still require more regional and international cooperation as a matter of international peace and security. Iraq will strengthen the will to work for the stability of the Middle East, and terrorism can not be eliminated without Iraq’s stability and taking its natural role in the region.

The completion of the fight against terrorism is a thought and drying up. It requires the start of the reconstruction of the affected cities, the care of the victims, the development of the horizons of tolerant thought, the promotion of social dialogue and the creation of an atmosphere of political harmony to reform our internal situation alongside security control and support of the Iraqi security services.

Needless to say, the battle represented a model for the defense of sovereignty and national unity among the Iraqis. It also showed the positive results of regional and international cooperation against common threats.

It will be the task of Iraq in this area to develop the level of understanding with the countries of the region and serious actions that actually surround terrorism and prevent his freedom of movement and funding and the gathering and mobilization to a clean regional environment of terrorism and the motives of its emergence, and this is what we hope to help us and friends and help themselves in time We must all cooperate for the peace of our countries and the security of our peoples.

We have many challenges, most notably the water problem, which is the most serious threat to life and the environment, and will have negative repercussions on the Iraqi reality in many areas. This requires serious work to solve the water problem in the region. In Iraq, and from our neighbors to create the reasons for understanding and reach agreements that serve everyone and develop a climate of trust and confidence.

Our national interest lies in good neighborliness, respect for the sovereignty of states, non-interference in their internal affairs, rejection of axiom policy, and adherence to Iraq’s pivotal role in building a regional security system based on mutual respect for sovereignty and the rights of the peoples of the region. The Middle East as a whole, by replacing the language of dispute by agreement, fighting cooperation, and building on the participants, before standing before the differences.

Iraq is seeking to build the best relations with its Arab and Gulf depth and to cooperate with its brothers in establishing good neighborly bases, economic integration and joint cultural advancement. It also brings together strong ties of relations between Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which we aspire to develop and strengthen. , And that the distinguished relations linking Iraq with Turkey also carry open prospects for development, and this enhances the chances of peace achieved by the region and its people deserve.

It is a peace that will not remain a mere promise to the entire region, if complete security stability is achieved in the federal democratic Iraq and in Syria, a sincere national understanding between the Syrian brethren, and the preservation of the peace of Syria and the security of its people and Yemen.

Peace will not only remain a dream if we succeed together, through regional and international cooperation, in creating a positive and constructive atmosphere of dialogue that will extinguish the fire under the ashes of differences and work in Iraq, with the Iraqi role being a catalyst in all of this. To the fact that our region can bring peace and cooperation to the achievements of our peoples far more than differences may achieve. Source