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A threat to Allawi .. “Al-Sadr will turn Iraq into hell and fall for it in 3 days.”

A leader in the Sadrist movement threatened the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi to “topple” within three days and turn Iraq “hell” on him if he undertook to include people belonging to political parties, especially from the Shiite factions.

Kazem al-Issawi, security advisor to the Sadrist movement leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, in a meeting with media personnel, on Sunday evening, “If Mr. Muqtada heard that he (Allawi) gave to a party, particularly the (Shiite) factions, a ministry, then Iraq would turn him into hell and fall in three days.”

He stressed that the Sadrist movement will not be part of the future government in any way.

Simultaneously, the Sadr militia practiced repression and intimidation against the demonstrators in the sit-in, VIP Street, where the religious leader’s supporters attacked civilians, resulting in deaths in recent days.

Al-Sadr supported Allawi’s assignment despite the protesters ’refusal to name him, as he is close to the ruling elite. His stance caused a rift in the protest movement that had been supporting it since its inception.

Al-Issawi warned against obstructing the birth of Allawi’s government, explaining that “if pressure occurs and his government is not approved, we will surround the green (region)” where major government and diplomatic headquarters are located.

“They will accept them,” they said. Source