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US official confirms his country’s intention to support Iraq financially … and reveals the content of “strategic dialogue”

A State Department official revealed that the administration of his country confirmed its intention to support Iraq to face the financial repercussions of the Corona crisis and the decline in oil prices, during the strategic dialogue between Washington and Baghdad, Thursday.

Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs David Schenker confirmed that Washington would support “the new Iraqi government in international financial institutions to counter the effects of Coved 19 and the decline in oil prices …”.

He mentioned that the strategic dialogue with Iraq addressed political, security, cultural and economic issues in addition to his approach to the energy sector, “expressing his hope that the Iraqi-American Joint Coordination Committee will meet in Washington this summer to discuss all issues.”

The dialogue session took place through the video circle, in an optimistic atmosphere, with Mustafa Al-Kazemi, known for his good relations with Washington, as prime minister, and also the retreat of the pro-Iranian factions until this moment.

“What we want is a strong bilateral security arrangement with Iraq, which includes exercises, management of advanced military systems, joint exercises and the study of the two countries’ officers in the military schools of the two countries,” Schenker said.

He stressed that “security is the cornerstone of stability and provides the conditions for economic development and prosperity,” noting that Washington insists on “helping Iraq defeat ISIS permanently and bringing stability to Iraq.”

He added that “Iranian-backed groups are working against us by fanning sectarianism, extremism and terrorism, and this is what we discussed today.”

Militias loyal to Iran in Iraq launched missile attacks against American interests in Iraq, before Washington proceeded to liquidate the commander of the Quds Force, Iranian Qassem Soleimani.

Representatives voted pro-Iranian blocs in the Iraqi parliament at the time to end the presence of foreign forces in the country.

Schenker said that the government of Iraq renewed “its commitment to us to protect our forces and coalition forces present in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government to fight ISIS.”

And he added, “We have made clear that we will continue to assist the Iraqi government not only at the security level, but also in implementing the reforms required of the Iraqi people.”

It is worth noting that on the eve of the launch of the dialogue, a missile landed in the Green Zone, where the US embassy is located, in what appeared to be a message reminding of the intentions of Iraqi militias loyal to Iran.

In addition to the security file, Iraq suffers economically, as a result of the collapse of oil prices, which threatens the government’s inability to pay the salaries of eight million government employees and retirees. Source