In Alhurra

Iraq’s budget for 2018 becomes a law in force

Tuesday issued the new issue of the official Iraqi newspaper, including the budget law for the current year.

Thus, the law, which remains the subject of political controversy, is in force.

The law did not include the signature of Iraqi President Fuad Masum, who requires the approval of the laws before publishing them in the facts, but issued an order last Thursday to publish it “a diversion to the public interest, the protection of citizens’ rights and Iraq’s international obligations.”

In a statement issued last week, Masoum’s office said the president had not ratified the law because of a number of clear and explicit violations and that the presidency would not give up its constitutional right to “address any constitutional violations in the future laws.”

The House of Representatives voted in a meeting earlier last month on the federal budget for the current fiscal year, boycotting Kurdish deputies who saw the law as “unfair treatment” of the Kurds. Source