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Agency: about a thousand US troops will move from Syria to Iraq and Kuwait

About 1,000 US troops withdrawing from northern Syria will be redeployed to Iraq, Kuwait and possibly Jordan, a US official said on Wednesday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that US forces had withdrawn from the Manbij area, where the United States set up checkpoints in 2017, and were preparing to leave the area by air soon.

The agency quoted the official as saying that the forces stationed in Iraq, may conduct cross-border operations against ISIS in Syria, as it did in the past before the establishment of partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

US soldiers were in the north of the country in support of Qassad, which fought fierce battles against ISIS and successfully uprooted him from all areas he has controlled since 2014 in Syria.

The White House announced last week that US forces in northeastern Syria would move soon. Turkey subsequently launched a military offensive against the Kurds amid international condemnation and new displacement, sanctions and US threats.

But Ankara said it would continue to invade Syrian territory. “We will continue to fight terrorist groups, including ISIS, if the world accepts it or not,” Fakhruddin Alton, head of communication at its presidency, told AFP late Tuesday. Source