In Alhurra 

Amid a Kurdish-Sunni boycott … the Iraqi parliament postpones a vote to withdraw US forces

Iraqi parliamentary sources told Al-Hurra channel that Kurdish and Sunni lawmakers boycotted Sunday a vote session on a draft law to withdraw US forces from Iraq.

Vian Sabri, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament, said that “the Kurdish blocs will not participate in today’s session (Sunday) of the Iraqi parliament, and as far as we know, a portion of the Sunnis will not participate either.”

The parliament session was postponed for one hour, because not enough representatives attended most of the blocs.

The session will take place two days after an American plane drone attack on a convoy near Baghdad airport, killing the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani and the leader of the Iraqi popular crowd Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.

On the other hand, jurists assert that the Iraqi parliament does not have the absolute powers to pass a law, due to the presence of a caretaker government.

And a parliamentary source revealed, on Sunday, the text of the law, which consists of four articles. The first obliges the Iraqi government to cancel the request for assistance submitted by it to the international coalition to fight ISIS.

The second article states that the Iraqi government must announce the preparation of foreign technicians and trainers it needs, their whereabouts, tasks and the duration of their contracts.

And Article Three says that the Minister of Foreign Affairs should go to the United Nations and the International Security Council to file a complaint against the United States, because it committed “serious violations and breaches of the sovereignty and security of Iraq,” as alleged by the draft law.

As for Article 4, it requires implementation of the decision from the date of voting on it. Source