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The rule of law: decisions Abadi reform cannot be higher than the Constitution

Vice announced a coalition of state law, today, that the pay scale who intends to Prime Minister presented to the House of Representatives for approval Law will collide with other laws legislator earlier, saying that the solutions adopted by Abadi, which is a prosthesis for fear his job when i’tikaaf for corrupt figures from the heads of blocs Accounting .

The MP high Nassif Coalition, in a statement today, said that “decisions reform can not be higher than the Constitution and the law, decisions reformist touched the issued and legislator laws.”

She pointed out that “the financial system has a law to join the work of judges and external Institute and doctors, academics Consequently, the salary scale Law will collide with these laws initiated earlier, “adding that” after the withdrawal of the mandate of the al-Abadi, the any reform decision issued must pass through the House of Representatives each gets a legislative cover, law of the pay scale should be contrary to the laws that The legislation”.

He added T. Nassif” We will work to reduce the higher grades salaries but a few that do not Ichneumon salary nominal, while we will raise the lower salaries, and I think that the decision of Mr. Abadi, with regard to the salary scale law because it will come out of the legislature appropriate for work between laws It embarked on the new laws, “and about whether these measures Abadi administrative and financial will solve the financial crisis, said that” This is a different theme and solutions Abadi prosthesis he feared for his job when i’tikaaf for corrupt figures from the heads of blocs held accountable.”

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