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Former Commission President: Three days to end the process of counting and sorting

The head of the Electoral Commission, former Adel Lami, Thursday, the end of the Electoral Commission of the process of counting and manual counting of the results of the elections within three days, indicating that more than 10 thousand polling staff assigned to complete the process.

Al-Lami said in an interview with «Journal News», that “the process of counting and sorting will be completed within one day and will be checked the next day and then will announce the final results after only 3 days,” adding that “the Commission summoned more than 10 thousand polling staff to complete the counting and manual sorting and auditing results With electronic counting and sorting, “noting that” the political parties will be divided in the hands of a supporter and refused to change the results and the detection of fraud in polling stations and the electronic retrieval of electoral data. ”

The Federal Court has supported the parliamentary amendments to the election law No. (45) for the year 2013 except for Article III, which provides for the cancellation of the results of the elections abroad and displaced. Source