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Parliamentary Security: The government is preparing for a new round of the Iraqi-American dialogue

Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Sa`ran Al-Ajibi, revealed, on Saturday, Iraqi arrangements to launch a second phase of the Iraqi-American dialogue.

Al-Aujibi said to “Information”, “The Iraqi government is making preparations for the launch of the second round of negotiations between Iraq and Washington to draw the borders of the economic and political relationship with the United States.”

He added, “The House of Representatives urged the Iraqi negotiator to take advantage of the opportunity and not to be flattered at the expense of the interest of Iraq and sovereignty,” noting that “the Iraqi people do not need American forces as much as they need investment companies in the field of industry, health and construction.”

It is noteworthy that last month witnessed the end of the first round of the US-Iraqi strategic dialogue talks via closed-circuit video meetings between the two parties, amid official and popular Iraqi calls and assurances of the necessity of stressing the full withdrawal of the United States from Iraq. Source