In Almaalomah 

Deputy: The middle of this week will determine the 2021 budget

Deputy Abdel Khaleq Medhat confirmed, on Sunday, that the 2021 budget will be decided in the middle of this week.

Medhat said in an interview with Al-Maalouma that, “The 2021 budget will be decided and presented to the vote in the middle of this week, stressing that all outstanding issues have been resolved and only parts remain in the Kurdistan benefits file after resolving 70% of the foreseeable problems.”

He added, “It is not possible for the budget file to remain without resolution indefinitely due to its economic repercussions in various fields, especially since the country is now going through the Corona crisis, and there is a series of preventive measures that will be imposed starting next week in terms of total and partial prohibitions to avoid the rise in injuries.”

He pointed out that “the forces with consensus cancel the resolution of the budget, but we hope that the 48-hour talks will contribute to reaching initial consensus to expedite the presentation of the budget to the vote, especially since the country’s situation requires it to be resolved in order to start implementing its contents, expressing hope that the budget will be fair to all governorates from In terms of distributing funds in a way that contributes to solving service problems and gives a glimmer of hope in accelerating the pace of completion of development projects.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee has been conducting extensive discussions for several weeks to settle the items and chapters of the 2021 budget.