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Al-Ittihad: The differences with Baghdad are minor and will be resolved before the date for the budget vote

MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Hassan Ali, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil over the budget is uncomplicated and can be resolved within hours, indicating that the negotiations will end before next Saturday.

Ali said in a statement to “the information” that “the Kurdish government delegation has reached great understandings with Baghdad on the budget, and what remains are sudden additions that have disrupted the negotiations.”

He added, “The agreement will be easy during the coming days, and there are no complications in the negotiations, as some indicate, but the legal texts will be the only solution between the two parties.”

Ali explained, “The Kurdish delegation will return before next Saturday, which is the date for passing the budget in the House of Representatives to discuss the latest developments and put the final touches on it.”