The parliamentary prosecution reveals the reasons for not starting the manual counting process until now

The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Monday the reasons for the failure of the Judicial Committee supervising the Electoral Commission to process the counting and manual sorting of the results of the parliamentary elections.

The committee member Sadik al-Labban said in a statement to the “Information”, “The failure to start the process of counting and sorting the results of the election depends on the opinion of the Federal Court on the appeals submitted on the third amendment to the parliamentary elections law,” pointing out that “a number of political parties submitted a lot of appeals On the amendment of the election law. “

He added that “the Judicial Committee supervising the Electoral Commission will exercise the process of manual counting and sorting after the Federal Court expressed its opinion on electoral appeals.”

The Legal Committee in the House of Representatives has confirmed, on Sunday, the non-direct counting and manual counting so far by the Judicial Committee supervising the Electoral Commission, indicating that one of the reasons for postponement of direct manual counting is the Eid holiday. Source