In Almaalomah 

Deputy: The House of Representatives directed the Ministry of Finance to launch budget allocations 2018

Announced the MP for the National Alliance Amer Hussein, the Parliament officially directed the Ministry of Finance to launch budget allocations 2018, considering the objection of President Fuad Masum for electoral reasons.

“The House of Representatives officially addressed the Ministry of Finance to launch the 2018 budget allocations after 15 days from the date of its submission to the Presidency of the Republic.”

He added that “the remaining period on the expiration of the 15-day deadline four days during which the Ministry of Finance is obliged to launch it as automatically approved.”

He considered the rejection of the budget by President Fuad Masum as “electoral propaganda to satisfy the region,” noting that “the latter committed a major constitutional line to reject the budget and return to Parliament.”

He pointed out that “Masoum is one of the personalities who participated in writing the constitution and has knowledge of all its articles and can not apply his appeals and objections to the 31 articles of the budget.”

The Presidency of the Republic refused, last Tuesday, to approve the law of the budget of 2018 and identified 31 articles objected to return to the House of Representatives. Source