Deputy: Abdul Mahdi will present the list of Tuesday in tomorrow’s session

MP on the coalition of construction Haneen al-Qaddu, Saturday, to provide the rest of the cabinet cabin during a meeting on Sunday, indicating that the Prime Minister will present the same list presented in Tuesday’s session.

“The parliament will hold a meeting on Sunday and may include the vote on the Cabinet Cab according to the political negotiations,” he said, adding that “Abdul Mahdi will submit the same list, which was presented at the last session in order to gain parliamentary confidence and complete the government.”

“The political negotiations are currently focused on collecting the largest number of votes during the meeting tomorrow and agree to pass the ministerial cab.”

The MP for the construction coalition Amer al-Fayez disclosed in a previous statement to the / information /, a political agreement between the Kurdish forces and construction in order to mobilize votes and pass the cabinet cab during the coming sessions, indicating that the building will not allow chaos again in parliament. Source