Moussawi reveals agreement to change candidates for interior, defense, education and immigration

MP on the alliance of conquest victory of al-Musawi, on Wednesday, a political agreement to change the names of candidates for the Ministries of Interior, Defense, Education and Migration, while the new names were sent to the accountability and justice and integrity for the purpose of scrutiny.

Al-Moussawi said in a statement to Al-Mawlumah that “the success of yesterday’s session, by passing the cabinet cabal completely, pushed the political blocs to agree to change the names of the ministries of interior, defense, education and immigration.” He pointed out that “the new list that will reach the House of Representatives will be free of Faleh Fayadh and Faisal Jrba, and the boy Al-Tai and Hana Emmanuel ”

She added that” the new names have not been passed so far, “indicating that” those names will be away from the known political figures. ”

“The new names were sent to the bodies of accountability, justice and integrity for the purpose of checking before going to the House of Representatives,” explaining that “Abdul-Mahdi told the political blocs for days that he will change the names that were not passed by the vote in the House of Representatives.”

The Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has confirmed, on Tuesday, that Thursday’s session will witness the completion of the vote on the rest of the cabinet cabin. Source