Parliamentary delegation intends to go to Kurdistan to stabilize the share of the province budget and the collection of customs

The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Saturday its intention to visit the Kurdistan region in the coming days in order to establish the share of the region in the budget and know the funds obtained from the sale of oil and customs points, likely to resort to the federal government to law 1/12 during the next two months for the inability to pass the budget.

“A delegation from the Finance Committee will visit Erbil during the next few days to discuss the stabilization of the share of the Kurdistan region and know the funds obtained from the airports and the customs and the sale of oil from the north,” said Haneen al-Qado, a member of the committee.

“The passage of the budget by the end of this year is unlikely because of the need for extensive amendments in the draft law and intensive meetings with the government to see the actual need of the government,” Qaddo said.

He pointed out that “the government will work under the State Administration Law 1/12 during the next two months to spend money and salaries of employees until the adoption of the budget.” Source