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US newspaper: Iraq may become the focus of Chinese aspirations in the Middle East

China sees Iraq as a key element in the success of its global development strategy known as the “One Belt One Road Initiative” in the Middle East , a report said Saturday. But Beijing’s economic expansion in the region could force Baghdad to seek a new balance in its relations with China and the United States.

“Beijing’s presence in the Middle East has been growing over the past decade, making it more quickly a trading partner for many countries in the region and its growing economic strength will attract the attention of other players in the region,” the report said. Region, like the United States. ”

“China’s goals in the Middle East revolve around energy, infrastructure, trade and investment, and with Iraq having the world’s fifth largest oil reserves and a geopolitical strategic location, China considers Iraq the key missing piece in its plans to control trade throughout Europe and Asia, as well as Being a bridge between its shipping lanes in countries such as Israel, Turkey and the Gulf states.”

“China is Iraq’s largest trading partner, with trade between the two countries reaching nearly $ 30 billion last year. Likewise, Iraq is China’s second largest supplier of crude oil and China’s fourth largest trading partner in the Middle East.

The report pointed out that “the acquisition of Iraq in Iraq on a single road project and one belt is a major step towards its goal of gaining economic dominance in the Middle East has seen every region in the world has seen a significant decline in Chinese investment and construction projects except the Middle East and North Africa. Source