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Deputy: It is not possible to borrow from the central reserve unless there is a government with full power

On Tuesday, a deputy for the Alliance of Powers Zaytoun Al-Dulaimi asserted that one of the main factors to face the challenges in the budget 2020 is to fill part of the fiscal deficit directed at borrowing from the central bank reserves, but borrowing can only be made in the presence of a fully-fledged government.

Al-Dulaimi said in a statement to / Information /, that ” Iraq faces a major economic challenge during the current year through the high rate of financial deficit in the budget of 2020, which reaches a very high rate,” considering that “one of the main solutions is to go to internal borrowing through borrowing” From the reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq.

She added that “borrowing from the central bank reserves must have a fully-fledged government, and therefore political forces have recognized this risk.”

Al-Dulaimi pointed out that “the political forces will find themselves compelled to expedite the passage of Al-Kazemi’s government out of the economic crisis, even with slight losses.” Source