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Official sources: Al-Kazemi has finalized his government and will be announced next week

The official newspaper “Al-Sabah” revealed, on Wednesday, the final touches on the cabinet formation of the government in charge of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, indicating that the formation will be presented to parliament next week.

“The Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi has almost finished preparing his cabinet and his government program, and he will present them to vote during the coming days, and the matter may be decided next week as a maximum,” the newspaper quoted its issue issued today and seen by him / the information.

Al-Aujaibi added, “The negotiations are taking place in full swing in order to end Al-Kazemi’s ministerial formation, despite the fact that matters have not been resolved yet, and consultations on names are still to be presented to Parliament in a session called by the Presidency.”

He explained, “There is no permanence in Parliament, and the deputies are waiting for the formation of the government in order to hold an emergency session,” noting that “Parliament did not start its legislative term yet, which should have started last March, and because of the health conditions and the spread of the Corona epidemic, the legislative term was postponed. Source