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Official sources: The specter of failure looms over the formation of the Al-Kazemi government and brings it closer to the fate of his two predecessors

An official newspaper reported, on Monday, that the specter of failure is hovering over the atmosphere of forming the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi, noting that there are fears of a repeat of the fate of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi and Adnan Al-Zarfi with Al-Kazemi.

“Al-Sabah” newspaper said in its issue issued today, and I saw it (the information), “It seems that the pessimism has returned and replaced the optimism that accompanied Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s mandate to form the next government. And return the country to square one. ”

She added that “deputies revealed serious differences between the political blocs and the Prime Minister-designate on ministerial portfolios, and the blocs announced their withdrawal of support for Al-Kazemi, who announced it on his mandate on April 9 this year.”

The newspaper quoted the deputy from the State of Law coalition, Kati al-Rikabi, as saying, “The negotiations and dialogue sessions have not been interrupted since the first day of the commissioning announcement, but until now the negotiations have not come out with a result, as they begin and end at the same point.”

He added, “The Prime Minister-designate did not deal with the components properly, so the nature of duplication is the tyrant, and there are some components that give freedom to choose their representatives in the ministries and choose what they want from the ministries, and in return there is pressure on some of the components’s blocks not to allow them to express their opinion or Claiming its entitlement.”

Al-Rikabi expressed his fear that “the same scenarios for the formation of the previous governments of Muhammad Allawi and Adnan Al-Zarfi will be repeated. Therefore, the Prime Minister-designate must change his approach during the next ten days, otherwise the assignment will not proceed and the cabinet will not pass. Source