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World Bank: Iraq has drawn up a policy to improve the country’s economic reality

The World Bank confirmed, on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, its readiness to respond to any request submitted by the Iraqi government regarding loans, while indicating that Iraq has drawn up a policy to improve the country’s economic reality by adhering to the reform white paper, but it is still facing economic crises.

The representative of the Bank in Baghdad, Ramzi Numan, said in a statement that the Obelisk followed, that the World Bank is ready to help Iraq if the Iraqi government asks us to do so, as the government so far has its financial and economic plans, and that the World Bank is working with the Iraqi government on a new project to promote vaccines. related to the Corona pandemic, and this is what the government requested in this context, and it does not come within the portfolio owned by Iraq.

He added that the Iraqi government has not yet requested a loan from the World Bank, and we have all the readiness and are open for direct dialogue and are ready at any moment to cooperate, as we are trusted partners with Iraq, and we are interested in supporting Iraq in the path of stability.

He resumed saying that the Bank is working with the Government of Iraq to implement the reform items that it has drawn, and we are working through all our projects to approach the economic crises that we have previously identified, and all the projects we undertake are in the framework of supporting the reform white paper.

He pointed out that Iraq has drawn up a policy to improve the country’s economic reality by adhering to that paper approved by the Council of Ministers, and work has begun to implement its contents.

 He added that matters in this aspect are not smooth, as there are many crises, as there is the importance of the political decision that pushes the reform process forward towards economic recovery, and by this we mean the process of consensus between the political parties at the level of the various authorities to make the reform successful.

And he added that Iraq is still facing economic crises, including what the state inherited previously, and some of them at the present time as a result of low oil prices and the Corona pandemic, and all of them are crises that do not end day and night, and the whole world is still suffering from the consequences of the Corona pandemic, so we do not expect that the package of structural problems What Iraq has suffered can be cured in a short time.

In conclusion, we expect that the turnout for the elections and the ability to move forward towards a political authority capable of committing to a reform plan actually begins with rebuilding and addressing the existing gaps and problems.