In Almasalah 

The central bank denies the intention to raise the dollar

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, on Friday, June 11, 2021, the stability of the dollar exchange rate and the absence of any intentions to change, and that what is being circulated is not true, as the price that was chosen at the end of 2020 to exchange the dollar was based on in-depth studies of the requirements of the economic situation and fiscal and monetary policy objectives.

He pointed out that his foreign currency sales are based on the stability of his foreign reserves at excellent levels, as those sales have been increased to meet all legitimate requests, and the price will stabilize as a result of the measures taken by the Central Bank recently and that it will take.

The bank pointed out that the statements related to the exchange rate are being promoted for speculators to benefit from, and that the Central Bank has communication channels that represent official sources of information.