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Iraq negotiates with General Electric to speed up the electrical connection with Jordan

The Undersecretary for Production Affairs, Adel Karim, discussed, on Sunday, July 11, 2021, the file of the electrical connection between Iraq and Jordan with General Electric.

And the ministry stated in a statement, that “the Undersecretary for Production Affairs (on behalf of the minister) Adel Karim Al-Ahad received, in his office at the ministry’s headquarters, a delegation of (GE), and in the presence of the Director General of the Department of Planning and Studies, the Director of the Undersecretary’s Office, and the Director of the Ministry’s Information, on a visit aimed at negotiation With the Iraqi side to implement and speed up the electrical interconnection project between Iraq and the Kingdom of Jordan.

According to the statement, “The meeting dealt with the technical aspect of the agreement to supply Jordan to Iraq with electric power under the contract signed in September 2020, which includes linking the electricity network between the two countries with an initial completion period of 26 months, and the energy exchange between the two sides depends on the construction of a (feather – existing) line and the installation of the Al-Qaim transformational station. With a capacity of 400 (kV), Iraq will be supplied, as a first stage, with 150 megawatts, up to 960 megawatts.

The agent stressed the importance of exploiting the time factor and preparing this strategic project by accelerating the extension of the transmission lines between the two countries within (one year only), and as quickly as possible with the help of our experienced Iraqi staff in this field, and we will be fully prepared to overcome any obstacles standing in the way of implementation and achievement. “.

The statement added, “GE Company has completed a review of the timing of the completion of the electrical interconnection line connecting to the Al-Qaim transfer station in Anbar Governorate, and is in the process of completing surveying the lines’ paths and studying the connection points, in addition to examining the soil to ensure that it is free of any military remnants and is ready to start work.” .

The statement continued, “The ministry is interested in establishing this connecting line due to its importance in the stability of the national system and its impact on regional politics and economy by exchanging benefits between neighboring countries, including Iraq, and making it a corridor for the transfer of energy, so we are accelerating the pace and with a very strenuous effort to complete it in record time according to a technical perspective that rises to the level ambition.”