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Protesters withdraw from the American embassy in Baghdad in response to the crowd’s calls

A security source said, on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, that a gradual withdrawal of the protesters from the American embassy in Baghdad will begin.

The bumper said that the protesters in front of the American embassy in the Green Zone in central Baghdad began, with the gradual withdrawal from the sit-in near the embassy building. ”The

source indicated,“ The withdrawal came at the invitation of the popular crowd to withdraw, which was issued through an official statement. ”

The popular crowd had issued, Wednesday afternoon a statement, which he called ” the masses” located near the US embassy to the withdrawal of respect for the decision of the Iraqi government , which so ordered and to preserve the prestige of the state, addressing them by saying that “your letter arrived.”

stormed thousands of protesters belonged mostly to the popular crowd, Tuesday December 31, 2019 , Al-Safa Complex Of America to Baghdad to denounce the air strikes carried out by US forces against the headquarters of the popular crowd led to the martyrs and the wounded.

Those protests were renewed on Wednesday, as protesters burned the tires, while the US forces in charge of embassy security responded with tear gas canisters fired from inside the building. Source