Anger in parliament … and move against the government of Abdul Mahdi

MP Alaa Sukkar, member of the Iraqi parliament, said that some new developments in the .formation of the Iraqi government will appear in the coming days He said in a press statement Sunday, January 20, 2019, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, left it to the .political blocs to resolve the selection of ministers (Interior, Defense and Justice), during the coming period.

He explained that leaving the matter to the political blocs to resolve the three ministries, could contribute to .resolving the crisis in the coming days Earlier, the MP for “Saron”, Rami al-Sakini, said that the bloc “reform and reconstruction” will not vote on any candidate is a partisan or came to “a decision from outside Iraq,” while Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, “not to” play the role of doctor in Emergency lobby”, refused to form a government with” convenient installment.

A source from the Iraqi parliament, that the state of anger prevail in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, after the completion of the formation of the government, where the selection of Ministers of Interior, Defense and Interior .so far, especially after the expiration of the deadline of 100 days.

The source added that the state of anger will push some alliances to take decisive positions towards the Mahdi government, and accounting for the past period, especially that it has not made anything concrete on the ground “.so far, “according to his description.

The Iraqi parliament continues its sessions ranging from the discussion of the paragraphs of the budget for 2019, and reading some bills before the end of the first legislative term, without the table of any reference to the completion of the formation of the government, amid accusations by some ministers of the government sectarianism. Source