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Abdul-Mahdi: Corona infections are few despite the geographical location of Iraq

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi confirmed, on Sunday, 30 March 2020, that Iraq had taken early decisions on Corona, while noting that there were few HIV infections despite Iraq’s geographical location.

“Obelisk” publishes the text of the statement

The Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety to combat the Corona pandemic held its first meeting headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and at the beginning of the session Surat Al-Fatihah read the lives of the victims and called for recovery for all the injured, and his Excellency praised the efforts and sacrifices of medical and nursing staff and thanked them in the name of the Iraqi people, praising the efforts of Awareness, volunteer campaigns, donation and social solidarity.

The Prime Minister thanked the supreme religious authority for its good guidance and the countries that stood with Iraq in facing this crisis.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the formation of this committee came as a result of two months of work experience, progress made, overcoming difficulties and providing the necessary solutions and facilities, praising the work of the Diwaniya Command Committee 55 that did a great job.

He continued his Excellency: that Iraq took early decisions with the testimony of the World Health Organization and achieve good results in controlling the situation and the lack of injuries, despite its geographical location and compared to developed countries and possesses enormous capabilities.

Environment on developments in the health situation, number of injuries, deaths, procedures, and preparations throughout the country.

The economic situation was discussed, providing the needs of the market and citizens, facilitating the entry of accumulated goods and foodstuffs at the border outlets, and providing the ration and other necessary facilities.

During the meeting, decisions were discussed that support the efforts to combat the epidemic and limit the risk of its spread among the Iraqi people, including those related to assessing the situation in the reforms and studying the issue of amnesty for prisoners and detainees who are not perpetrators of terrorist crimes and corruption, and many important and urgent decisions that will be issued later.

Media Office of the Prime Minister,