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The Iranian IRNA publishes an American academic statement about the decrease in tension between Washington and Tehran after the formation of the Al-Kazemi government

The Iranian IRNA agency published statements by Professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University, American Daniel Serur, in which he said that the formation of the new Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi represented a new political event in the Middle East, and this event can be considered to some extent an indication of reduced tension Between Iran and America.

The publication of this news by an Iranian agency is an indication of Iranian support for what came in Suroor’s speech.

Serour said that withdrawing the American Patriot system from Saudi Arabia strengthens the previous possibility. The two parties, Iran and America, are in a state of retreat from a situation that might lead to a serious collision, according to IRNA.

Serour continued, that Iran has not yet been fully aroused to assassinate General Qassem Soleimani, and perhaps that is why Trump is waving a strong response.

And Surur, that fighting the two parties in Iraq is not rational in these circumstances, and finally concludes that the two sides reached this conclusion, which is that Al-Kazemi is the right person for the prime minister in Iraq, and this is an indication of the retreat from the confrontation, as he sees Suror, but it is not evidence of resolving the differences between The parties, however, are an indication that the worst-case scenario between Iran and America will not occur.

He explained that Iraq is in a complicated situation between the two sides, and it is very best for a direct dialogue to take place between Iran and America, in which they discuss various issues, including the nuclear program and the Iranian and American presence in the region, adding that it is striking now that many Americans support the exit of American forces from the east The middle.

The director of the rules of engagement program at Koons Hopkins University added that the interests of Iran and America in Iraq are intertwined.

The American researcher ruled out any breakthrough between Iran and America in the remaining months of President Trump’s government, but Iran can benefit from some resources. Source