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Saleh and Al-Kazemi stress the importance of Iraq adopting a balanced policy with its regional and international surroundings

On Thursday at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, President of the Republic Barham Salih received Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

During the meeting, the necessity of expediting the completion of the ministerial cabinet by nominating efficient and impartial personalities was confirmed, and the government was supported in implementing its program that was voted upon by the House of Representatives by preparing for early elections, and meeting the legitimate demands of Iraqis to achieve the desired reform.

The Presidents of the Republic and the Council of Ministers stressed the importance of Iraq adopting a balanced policy with its regional and international surroundings based on respect for Iraqi sovereignty, stressing that the crises that the country is going through must be addressed and priority should be given to combating the Corona pandemic and supporting health agencies to fully perform their work, and find solutions to economic challenges and secure conditions Pensions for all citizens.

It was also emphasized that the current stage requires uniting efforts and solidarity among all to eliminate ISIS terrorist gangs, maintain the accomplishments achieved and sustain the momentum of victory in a manner that provides security and stability to the Iraqis. Source