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Dialogue clips … The American ambassador: Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington resulted in investments that provide job opportunities for Iraqis … and Trump is ready to resolve differences with Iran

The obelisk publishes the axes of the televised meeting, for the American ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Toller:

Iraq is a very important country in the Middle East for the United States, capable of contributing to and strengthening regional security.

Iraq could be a positive force for resolving differences in the region and achieving growth.

The United States is seeking to help Iraqis who want a strong government and rule of law.

There are agreements signed during the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Washington with 5 private American companies, and we hope that they will achieve progress in the fields of energy independence and job opportunities for Iraqis.

These companies will work in the energy and other fields that will improve the electricity supply and create job opportunities.

We believe that it is necessary for the government to provide conditions for employment in the private sector.

Iraq has enormous energy resources and it is good for US companies to seek work and provide successful investments.

The differences with Iran should not affect our relations with Iraq. We support a good relationship between Iraq and Iran, in which the latter respects the sovereignty and stability of Iraq and a strong government capable of resisting any foreign attempts to impose illegal influence.

There is Iraqi and regional concern about regional interference.

We support any Iraqi government that wants to extend its authority and legitimacy, and its rejection of outside interference.

President Donald Trump is ready to enter into discussions to resolve differences with Iran.

The US-Iranian dispute should not affect the situation in Iraq.

Any future US administration, whether democratic or republican, will continue to reject Iranian interference in Iraq.

Our commitment to Iraq will not change with the change of the US administration.

The US embassy is in Iraq to cooperate with his government.

Al-Kazemi held important meetings with the King of Jordan and the President of Egypt, and we believe that they will pave the way for making Iraq an important country in the region.

With regard to the bombing of the Green Zone, the US embassy and Baghdad airport, these attacks aim to undermine the authority of the Iraqi government, and there is determination from Al-Kazemi to assert the rule of law.

The United States is not seeking a long-term presence in Iraq and is staying in place to enable Iraqi forces to upgrade their capabilities in the face of terrorism.

We are working to continue redeployments with decisions made by leaders with great experience that should not affect and allow the return of ISIS’s effectiveness.

The United States has not made any official permission to keep its forces for 3 years, and our survival is linked to reaching the final stage of readiness for the Iraqi forces and the war against ISIS, and this may last for 3 years, and maybe much less.

We respect the Iraqi parliament’s decision to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq, and we believe that the decision is linked to the interests of Iraq and the extent of its need for American survival, and we believe that the appropriate conditions are to reach the stage of ending the threat of ISIS.

American forces are in Iraq to help it fight ISIS, and they have no second purpose. Source