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Parliament sets 15 September as the date for the election of the Presidency

The President of the Age for {morning}: send the lists of the largest bloc of the Court of the functions of the new Speaker of the Council of Representatives in its meeting on Tuesday, September 15, the last date for the election of his presidency (President and Vice – Zinni that the agreement on the date was after the consultative meeting held with members and representatives of the parliamentary blocs to discuss the constitutional deadlines for the election of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, revealed Zinni in a statement to «morning» that «did not send the lists of the largest bloc submitted by alliances to the Federal Court “And that” the matter is entrusted to a president The new parliament to be elected », as Zinni announced compete with 7 candidates – so far – the presidency of the parliament, while the legal expert that the parliament sessions where there is no constitutional violation that the Constitution gave 15 days to the first meetings of the parliament to choose the boss.

The parliament failed in the second part of its first session held on Tuesday to open the door to run for the post of speaker of parliament and his deputies after the absence of many of its members and the presence of 85 deputies only, prompting the President of the age to lift the meeting to 15 September.

Meanwhile, the controversy over the party entitlement to form the largest bloc, while the deputies expected to see the coming days a decisive answer by the Federal Court in this regard, but the controversy moved to square (who is entitled to address the court) between the President of the age or the Speaker of Parliament While political leaders called for urgent dialogue between the main parties (reform – construction – Kurdistan) to prevent the aggravation of the political crisis and to reach reasonable and acceptable solutions to ensure the safety of the country, other parties proposed to go to the table مست Deira to reverse the political divide. Source