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Basra receives the first batch of petrodollars

The governor of Basra, Asaad al-Eidani, for the receipt of the province’s first batch of petrodollar dues for the current year, to be disbursed payments of this installment according to priorities starting this week.

He said Eidani in a press statement on the sidelines of his hosting at the headquarters of the Journalists Syndicate in Basra, that for the first time Basra, after receiving the post of governor, on the “real funds,” explaining that the priorities of disbursement of these amounts is to secure the entitlements of workers
(Contracts to employees), as well as the financing of suspended projects, and all contractors were informed of the return
for work.

He explained that he personally follows the completion of financial assets in the accounts section of the province to spend the money during this week, noting that the central instructions contained in that financial payment, it is pointed out that in the event of disbursement of funds (complete zero) will be launched a second payment, likely to be after Eid Al-Mushriq Al-Mubarak to spend the dues of the previous contractors incurred by the province from 2011 until 2018 by 75 billion dinars, and the Ministry of Finance will release the insurance of previous contractors up to 63 billion dinars.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the water file is a federal file, and the central government is negotiating with both Turkey and Iran to secure sufficient water for the country, pointing out that Basra has strategic projects in the water sector to confront salinity, including the desalination project, The Council of Ministers is working on it through a government committee that includes the Ministry of Oil, Municipalities, Water Resources and the Governorate of Basrah. There is also a study from the German company Camier in this regard, in addition to other international companies interested in the project of thermal plant that produces water and electricity in Faw district. Project may not Sinking of the implementation of about 3 years.

At the end of his speech, al-Eidani promised to replace any director of a department in the province proves his lack of performance of work and install replacement proxy until the choice of permanent alternative through the vote of the provincial council, which has full powers in that matter. Source