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Iraq and Taiwan sign agreements to support cooperation and reconstruction

Signed Iraq and Taiwan, Monday, agreements to support cooperation and reconstruction, as expressed Taiwan ‘s vision of Iraqi companies offer their products in her country.

“The development council signed two memorandums of understanding with the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Baghdad,” said Taiwan’s Chairman of the Board of Foreign Trade Development James Huang. Economic cooperation between Iraq and Taiwan. ”

“Taiwan will be able to play a role in Iraq’s redevelopment after a long period of glamor,” Huang said, revealing that this is the first time Taiwan companies have participated in the Baghdad International Fair, which is likely to include next year more companies from a variety of ”

He expected that the delegation next year will include more companies from a variety of industries,” hoping to “see the Iraqi companies offering their products in Taiwan.”

Taiwan has participated this year in the course of the Baghdad International Fair within Its 45-suite suite includes machinery and metal equipment. Source