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Saleh from the United Nations: Iraq is on the verge of important positive developments

The president of the Republic, Dr. Barham Saleh, Wednesday, that Iraq is on the verge of positive developments will be a springboard for family reunification and stability of the region.

He said President Saleh in a speech of the General Assembly of the United Nations: the ” Iraq on the verge of positive developments an important security, political and Economic, we must take stock of these positive developments build on them in the light of the security stability achieved that now,” explaining that “this independence is achieved is done and must be maintained“.

He continued, “the draft of the terrorist organization ISIL was planned malicious destruction of Iraq and the region, despite the significant sacrifices that recorded by our people and our Armed Forces of the army and the Peshmerga and the other on the path of freedom and resistance to terrorism with the help of the international coalition and friends who offer them our thanks and appreciation“.

He pointed out that “Iraq Democratic Union My Stable will be a springboard to reunite his brothers and neighbours and to promote understanding of the region to create the region based on economic integration and common security, stating that “the stability achieved in Iraq is valuable and we expect from our neighbours and the international community not to download Iraq the consequences of their differences and“.

He pointed out that “targeting the security of the Gulf and Saudi Arabia is a serious development, and we in Iraq are worried about this trend, are linked to the security of the Gulf and the region, explaining that the international community must help seriously the kind of this escalation“.

We hope the ratification of the Council of Representatives on the law of the US media option to begin the reconstruction of a comprehensive infrastructure,” noting that “one of the priorities of the Iraqi government is fighting corruption and providing job opportunities for young people. Source