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Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to the Iraqi people: an independent government formation for the first time in decades without the participation of political party candidates (video)

Distinguished Iraqis.

Your historic battle for the homeland for which you have borne heavy burdens and massive sacrifices has changed political rules and resulted in an independent government formation for the first time in decades without the participation of candidates of political parties.

This squad was chosen because of the competence and qualifications of its owners in addition to what they have of programs that are applicable to cross the country to safety and serve citizens of all their affiliations, this squad will be for all Iraqis and will have their trust through what it will accomplish and after Parliament gives it confidence ..

here I invite the esteemed House of Representatives presidency and members to hold an extraordinary session in order to vote on giving confidence to the government next Monday, February 24 …

We wish our esteemed deputies to prove to all Iraqis their desire for reform and to bear the national responsibility on their shoulders and to reflect on the present and future of Iraq and that private interests do not prevent them from making the right decision. Iraq is above all interests, and let me remind you that we cannot evade from real reform … and beyond These protests are not the same as before and if the pace of the demonstrations receded, they will return at any time in a stronger and broader way than what we have witnessed. For all that happened in the demonstration arenas, and to reveal to the people the elements that attacked the demonstrators and the security forces, pursued them and brought them to justice no matter their location and released the peaceful demonstrators, we will not allow the Iraqis to be unfairly arrested or simply to express their opinion, and will work to restore the prestige of the state And take action

As for my message to young men

and women …

All that was achieved was the result of your insistence and sacrifices, so congratulations to you on this great honor that your people and history will preserve for you. Congratulations to you this brave glory and this courage. You have established a new stage in the history of Iraq, so go ahead, may God bless you with your efforts ..

I would like to ask you, despite the crisis of trust towards everything related to political affairs as a result of previous failures, to trust in God and start a new page from the pages of this great country, so that we may record a date befitting in the name of Iraq if the government passes and if it does not pass, know that there are still It works for the continuation of the crisis by insisting that your demands are not implemented and it is also working on the persistence of quotas, sectarianism and corruption.

In conclusion .. Peace be upon the patience of the Iraqis and their sacrifices.

Peace be upon the pure blood that was poured out for the country.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.